Car hire Northern Ireland

Car hire Northern Ireland has been designed to provide basic information to Northern Ireland consumers searching for car hire online. Car rental is a wonderful way to see Ireland, giving you the freedom and independence to plan your itinerary around Ireland. So go ahead, reserve your car rental now and see Ireland at your own pace! Car Rental is a cheap, affordable way of getting to see Ireland and exploring its majestic scenery and, wonderfully vibrant towns.

What is a GPS satnav system?

A GPS system is the perfect travelling companion when driving in unfamiliar places - you no longer need to rely on maps, poor road and street signage and you will get to your destination safely and quickly.  It takes the hassle and stress out of driving abroad.

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigation technology that uses satellites to show you your precise location. In-car satellite navigation (satnav), which uses GPS and street level mapping, allows you to enter a street name or address in a town and then tells you exactly how to get to there with concise turn-by-turn voice and on-screen directions.

The latest in-car GPS Satnav systems are portable so they can be easily transferred between cars - the GPS system that you have for your own car at home can be taken abroad and used in your hire car.

Typical features are:

  • compact, easy to set up, simple to use
  • pinpoints exactly where you are by using its GPS receiver
  • many ways to enter or select your destination
  • displays full colour 2D/3D maps and directions
  • clear turn-by-turn voice instructions
  • a variety of mapping options - single regions or Western Europe
  • automatically recalculates your route should you miss a turn
  • allows you to plan your routes and stop-overs
  • fully automatic when driving
  • temporary or permanent fixing to your car's windscreen or dashboard