Ice Limos

Ice limos is a new limousine service offering luxury travel in both Northern and Southern Ireland. At Ice limos we pride ourselves in offering the very best in luxury limousine transportation. Ice limos is a legitimate company offering the highest of standards in services and cars.

The company is based on 40 Carmoney Road, Eglinton Co L'derry. If you have any queries you can contact the company by phone 07966698213, or if you like you can email us at The website can be visited by going to

Car Rental Jargon Explained
British Car Rental vehicles all have mandatory third party cover, damage waiver and theft waiver.

You may increase your level of insurance when you pick up your vehicle. Our counter staff will be happy to provide you with any explanations you may require regarding the availability, cost and benefit levels of these covers.

Additional Driver
When there is more than one driver associated to a rental, the second, or subsequent, driver is referred to as the additional driver. There may be a charge applied for each, or all, additional drivers.

Airport Surcharge
An additional charge which applies at certain airport locations, and which is included in the rate quoted at the time of reservation.

The location, or time, from which a rental starts.

The location, or time, at which a rental ends.

To rent a vehicle at one location and to return it at another is referred to as a one-way rental.

The rate, and other rental conditions, which is applied to a reservation and rental.

Refuelling Service
A service provided at check-in which enables a customer to return a vehicle which does not have a full tank of fuel.

The person, who is not the driver, but who is responsible for payment on a Rental Agreement.

Rental Agreement
The formal contract, signed by Europcar and the renter at the time of check-out, which shows the terms of the rental.

Rental Day
Normally, a 24-hour period which starts at the time of check-out, however can also apply to a rental period which is of several hours' duration.

Rental Duration/Length
Normally, the total of rental days, however can also apply to a rental of several hours' duration.

Rental Qualifications
The conditions imposed by a rental location, or country, in order to satisfy their legal requirements. Details of these can be obtained from our Reservation Centres.

Standard Interline Passenger Procedures. Vehicle category codes are often referred to as SIPP codes.

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